Thursday, December 18, 2008

5 ( Five Packages in one CD)

I welcome you all to this exciting time of my online success and I wish to celebrate it with you all by offering you free packages that I have used and some of the secret packages that well known internet marketers use to make money in Nigeria today. Today is 18 December 2008 so few days away from christmas. So, I will roll out about five ebooks for free and some softwares too. And all this will not cost you anything. If this opportunity is for you read this to the end.

The other reason is because i want to celebrate my success for far in the year 2008 especially for my online business, i have made money that practically seem impossible to me and i give God the glory.

So I am going to be giving out something that if i had done earlier this year or some other time i
would have sell it for N25,000 and nothing less for free. I mean it. Infact the bonuses alone that i will be giving out in this material have cost me and my clients over $3,200 to buy them. So i will only consider you lazy and ungrateful if you read this articles and don't put it to work. It will just be too nasty for you not to make money from this guide.

This guide have been divided into three phases:

PHASE 1: I will show you methods that will require just 1-2 hours of your time daily to set-up
and have the ability to make you instant and quick cash. It will be the quick cash phase.

PHASE 2:Long term quick cash strategy. It is not enough to make $100 today, what if
tomorrow you end up making nothing. That won't be too good. So in this phase i will show you like 3 methods that you must apply to ensure that you start earning four or five figures monthly in the year 2009.

PHASE 3: Will contain the bonuses that you are suppose to get. All the bonuses i promise i
will list them in this phase.

I am going to explain each secret as fast as possible but also as explanatory as i can. You must be
ready to work. If you can't put in 2hrs of discipline for at least 30 days before you start seeing the result. Then forget about making money online. You must be ready to work. Again 2hrs each day for30days is what you need and you would start seeing excellent result.

I will be explaining several strategies and give you several websites. So as not to make you confuse i will advise that you pick one or two of the methods here and just get focused with them. Pick the onesthat are good for you at the moment and see what you get from it/them before you pick another method.

This are whatyou will find in this my free christmas Bonus Packages.

  • How to Open a U.S.A bank account in Nigeria

  • How To Open A Paypal Account, right here in Nigeria plus 2 easy ways to verify your paypal account.
  • a site where you will download free ebook that will make lots of cash before 2008 ends.
  • A Simple information product marketing system that will generate N50,000 for you in 21 days... Report ME if you dont make N50,000 after applying this strategy

  • Where you can sell your domain names for $1,000 that you bought for $8

  • My 3 trusted websites that has over 10,000 people waiting to buy your blog or website for $250 minimum!

  • A Simple affiliate marketing strategy that once set-in motion will start pulling in $100-$250 for you every single day!

  • The automatic traffic generation strategy that will make you drive thousands of traffic to your website once it is launched

  • The exact quick-cash method that made me $17,000[N2 million] in just 40 days
    How to build a scalable internet business for yourself that will generate at least $50,000 for you in just 12 months in 2009

  • The internet publishing business and how to maximize it to bring in $2,700 for you monthly.

  • My 2 secret software that will automatically change your I.P address. No more hiding because you are a Nigeria.

  • A $127 Internet Speed Accelerator. This software will enable you speed your internet speed by over 400%. Download any file 3 times faster and watch videos online with speed!

If I was to sell this report, how much do you think I would sell it?

While you are still guessing, i still have something more for you. if you happen to be among the first 50 people who will request between now and the next 12 days you will get the following FREE:

  • I will show you where to design your website for free and Host it for free if you don't have any money to get a website runing.
  • Where to make movie post it and anybody that watches it you get paid for it.
  • websites that will paid you to for any one that open their Video theough your website.


I know this is getting really HOT! So i had better stop now.


I don't like fantasy but if i sell this report for N25,000!. I would still consider my self being silly considering the fact that only the bonuses alone are worth over $3,750. And don't think i got them for free like you are about to get them for free! But don't mind you will get them free. Sure!


I am giving it away just for........




Since it will come in CDs you only need to pay for shipping and handling and it will be dilivered to your door step as your christmas present.

The choice is yours.............

To get it pay the sum N2000 into the bank details below:

Account name: Evaristus Ezeocha

Account number: 3302010089016

bank name: first Bank of Nigeria plc.

After placing your order, send your payment information's, your residence address or caontact address and all you think will be of help to us to reach you to our email address . For any questions you can reach me on Once i confirm your order i will send your package to your address you sent to us Immedaitely

P.S= This is going to be my biggest launch. Missing this offer will means getting ready to pay at least times 10 whenever i am going to release it again.

P.S= I don't know when for sure but with over 3,000 people that will rush to this page in a matter of days, my 400 space will cover fast and once it does i will close down this offer. Immediately. I MEAN IT

Money-Back Guarantee= If after 30 days of reading and applying the strategies that you learn from this quick-cash blueprint package you do not make at least $500, return it and you will get your refund plus N5,000 for wasting your time...Guaranteed!

P.S=I bet you. the strategies that i unveil in this quick-cash blueprint plus all the bonuses is what will be responsible for $35,000 in cash in the next 50 days...what about you?.